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VIVANDI is one of the leading distributors and non-surgical solution providers of hair loss, hair care, anti-aging, luxury beauty and lifestyle products. We commit to providing our clients with most effective products and unparalleled services aim to inspire and empower those seeking solutions for hair loss and related image enhancement results.

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Vivandi is the number one seller of Viviscal products in USA

Viviscal PRO is a 100% drug-free, clinically proven dietary supplement that effectively promotes existing hair growth in women or men. Viviscal PRO is backed by over 25 years of research and development.

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our pharma hermetic shampoo

Hermetic shampoo contains no sulfates or parabens. It synergistically combines several multi-effect active ingredients that help protein synthesis by stimulating hair development, enhancing the follicle’s regenerative capacity.

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    I love so much about vivandi. The fact they have ingredients to help my hair stay its healthiest, and don't contain anything that is bad for my hair like sulfates and silicones and dangerous for my health like parabens. Quality is high and consistent, a little of everything goes a long way and every single product I ever used smells incredible!
    Alicia R

    What our clients think about us

    I'm happy to have discovered a brand of hair care products that I can trust, who puts the consumer first, and is aware of how important it is to be responsible and uses safe ingredients. I love how innovative they are with the ingredient combinations as well!
    Kelly D

    What our clients think about us

    I love using vivandi products because I get amazing results without having to worry about harsh ingredients damaging my hair! Ive been using the Dont Despair Repair mask for over a year now whenever my curls need extra hydration!
    Maria J

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