Hair Growth Bundle or LSVT – Laser 82 + Serum +Vitamin + DHT


Our Most Powerful, Most Advanced Hair Growth System which includes FDA cleared Repair Laser 82 +  Grow Serum + Repair Vitamin + Protect DHT Blocker. Clinically Proven to Significantly Grow hair and stabilize hair loss in 100% of users. Hair Restoration at home without surgery, without drugs.

  • FDA Cleared Grow Laser 82 which is #1 therapy for hair growth at home
  • Hair repair Vitamin, All-in-one Powerful & comprehensive hair food complex | 100% Natural | Revitalizes thin Hair | Strengthens roots | Promotes Growth
  • 100% Natural DHT Blocker for both men & women I Blocks DHT from shrinking the hair follicles I Activates future hair growth I Drug-free alternative to finasteride.
  • Grow Serum – Plant-based, drug-free alternative for minoxidil with growth-boosting enzymes, amino acids and keratin which energizes hair follicles
  • Each product in this LSVT bundle works synergistically and gives you enhanced results when used together.
  • Enables Hair Restoration at home without expensive and painful procedures
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