Hair Loss Prevention Bundle – Shampoo + Conditioner + DHT + Repair Oil


Our first line of defense against hair loss. Consists of our PROTECT DHT Blocker + PROTECT SHAMPOO + PROTECT CONDITIONER + PROTECT HAIR OIL.

Hair loss can start as early as age 18. So, if you are a young adult with a full head of hair and want to keep it that way, Hair Loss Prevention bundle  is for you.  Prevents hair loss, hair fall, premature graying. Protects against pollution, chemical, heat and sun damage. Clinically Proven ingredients.

Maintain + Enhance + Prevent Hair system.

  • 100% Natural DHT Blocker for both men & women I Blocks DHT from shrinking the hair follicles I Activates future hair growth I Drug-free alternative to finasteride.
  • Protect Shampoo & Conditioner to optimize scalp health, enhance shine, thickness and strength, create growth environment & protect against pollution
  • Protect oil is an Exotic 5-oil blend with Himalayan herbs infusion to deeply nourishes roots, strengthens hair and prevents hair fall
  • The entire system is designed to work in synergy to give you best results of Maintain existing hair + Enhance Quality, Shine, Volume, Strength.
  • Ideal for young men & women from 18-23 who have no visible hair loss but dull, damaged, falling hair.


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