HairSmart – DHT Blocker Pack of 3


100% natural DHT Blocker with combination herbs, that not only block and inhibit DHT, but also improve blood circulation, improve metabolism, reduce stress, provide the body with essential minerals and neutralize free radicals. Natural, Drug-Free alternate to finasteride. Say yes to hair, Say No to side-effects.

Say “Yes” to hair, Say “No” to side-effects.

  • ALL NATURAL: 100% Plant-based DHT Blocker that addresses the actual ROOT cause of hair loss: DHT Androgen
  • Blocks: the DHT from binding to 5-AR receptors and prevent shrinking of follicles
  • STOPS: the shortening of the hair growth cycle.
  • SAFER ALTERNATIVE: It is a Drug-Free alternative, free from finasteride , a DHT INHIBITOR drug which decreases sex drive.
  • WONDER INGREDIENTS: It consists of Saw Palmetto berries Extract which keeps testosterone levels balanced, Stinging Nettle Root which helps in neutralizing free radicals in scalp and Block DHT, Green Tea Extract, which helps in circulating hormones and blood flow , pumpkin seed extract which increases hair count by 40% and pygeum bark, rich in phytosterols , which is beneficial in blocking DHT production.
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