HairSmart Vitamin


All-in-one Powerful & comprehensive hair food complex | 100% Natural | Revitalizes thin Hair | Strengthens roots | Promotes Growth 

  • COMPLETE HEALTH SUPPLEMENT : With 6 Vitamins, 6 Amino Acids, Bioton, 14 different Ayurvedic medicinal plants and 6 minerals.
  • HAIR BENEFITS : Maximize hair health, Improves hair growth, makes hair thicker, fuller, stronger, Revitalizes dull & lifeless hair, improves density, reduces hair fall and stabilizes hair loss.
  • ADDED BENEFITS: Immunity booster, Natural decongestant, Natural Expectorant, Stress Adaptogen, Inflammation Reducer, Improves blood circulation, mood & energy.
  • WONDER INGREDIENTS: 10,000 Mcg Biotin & Amino acidswhich strengthens hair strands, builds the hair & minimize hair breakage, Vitamins which helps absorb minerals necessary for hair growth, Minerals like Iron, Zinc & Folic acid which play a major role in nutrient absorption & blood circulation. Magical Ayurvedic Herbs – Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Neem – to reduce stress, boost immunity, decrease inflammation, improve blood circulation; Bhringaraj, Amla, Brahmi – enhance hair growth, boost volume, condition scalp, prevent hair fall & premature graying, and repair damaged hair follicles.

How to use:

For use as a dietary supplement, Take three tablets daily, preferably once each after a meal

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